About Me

I've wanted to make an "About Me" page for awhile, but I never knew what to put on it. Then one day I had the idea to just answer some questions from the TMI tag! This isn't the whole tag, but I chose the ones that were relevant to me. Hope this doesn't bore or offend you!

1. Ever been in love? Well, not with anyone I know in person. Does fangirling count as being in love? It should.

2. How tall are you? 5 foot 3-- no halves, quarters, or eigths.

3. How much do you weigh? About 115 pounds. My weight actually fluctuates a lot between 110 and 120, and I'm not entirely sure that's supposed to happen. We'll see.

4. OTP? Phan! (danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil) But I don't ship them in a dating way. I just think that there are no two people on Earth who are better suited for each other (as best friends) than those two. Seriously, they are soulmates--platonically, that is.

5. Favorite show? Modern Family. I think it's very well written in terms of comedy and character development. Literally, watching Modern Family just makes me happy.

6. Favorite band? I think my favorite band would be Muse because I like all of their albums, which hasn't happened with any other artist or band yet. Although I really like Against the Current, Ellie Goulding, Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, and Marianas Trench as well. I also kind of like The Killers, Blondie, and Troye Sivan. This is basically just a summary of my Spotify. 

7. Something you miss? My childhood, I guess. My life is great now, but naturally, a lot of things have changed since I was really young. Sometimes I just get really nostalgic and wish I could go back to the past for a day.

8. Favorite song? At the moment, anything off of Marianas Trench's album Ever After. But honestly, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" will always be my jam. No shame.

9. Zodiac sign? I'm a Taurus! I was also born in the year of the ox, so (as my mom used to say) I'm extra stubborn.

10. Quality you look for in a partner? Intelligence. I feel like I can get accustomed to a decent amount of character traits, but if he's not smart, then I'm out.

11. Favorite quote? "You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you." --Blair Waldorf (I love the power behind this quote.)

12. Favorite color? Pink! I've come full circle since the first grade.

13. Loud music or soft? In terms of volume, soft (because I have pretty sensitive ears), but in terms of style, loud. Slow, gentle songs aren't really my thing. I love the energy you get from loud songs.

14. Where do you go when you're sad? Depending on the degree of sadness, I'll either go wander in my backyard, sit down at my piano, or settle on my couch with some YouTube.

15. How long does it take you go shower? If I wash my hair, then my showers last about half an hour. Otherwise, it only takes me a little less than 15 minutes to clean myself.

16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? When I'm going at a normal pace, it takes me about 45 minutes to get ready. For school, however, I can get ready in 15 minutes (5 is my record).

17. Ever been in a physical fight? No. I can't even think of a situation in which I would get in a physical fight. Actually, I kicked my friend in the shin once when I lost a playground game so...

18. Why did I start this blog? Not even going to lie, I initially started this blog with a small hope of getting Internet fame. Super ridiculous, especially considering my modest/nonexistent following. However now, I mostly write this for my friends and me, and I'm really enjoying it. So now, I write this blog to clear my head and express myself!

19. Fears? Oh so many! I'm afraid of all kinds of stuff. I'm not afraid of everyday things like spiders, but I am afraid of things like the future, self-destruction, insanity, etc. If you're curious, scroll through my blog. Odds are, you'll find a post about one of my fears.

20. Last thing that made you cry? I guess it's good news that I haven't cried recently and can't remember the last time I did. The closest I came as of recent was when I was watching some fan videos of danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. They were all like tributes to their friendship, and they were so beautiful and poignant! I literally get feels.

21. Last time you said you loved someone? I'm pretty sure it was last night to my parents before I went to bed.

22. Last book you read? I just finished reading You Deserve a Drink by YouTuber Mamrie Hart. Even as a self-proclaimed YouTube addict, I was kind of doubtful about the quality of books written by people whose careers aren't dedicated to writing. But this book is amazing. Mamrie's voice really comes through, and her stories are so fantastically hilarious. I recommend picking it up if you get the chance.

23. Last show you watched? New Girl! I re-watched the season finale and experienced the feels. I forgot how much I shipped Jess and Nick.

24. Last person you talked to? My dad. He put a neck rest around a stuffed animal in my room. No big deal.

25. The relationship between you and the last person you texted? One of my friends! We're talking about wishing we liked certain albums because we like the artist or the name of the album.

26. Favorite food? This is so hard because I've really been loving all foods lately. One thing that never changes is my love for chocolate desserts. Cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream-- I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

27. Place you want to visit? England. I especially want to see Brighton and London. I've seen those places in a lot of vlogs, and I think it would be amazing to go there in person. I don't want to stalk my favorite YouTubers if that's what you were thinking.

28. Last place you were? The public library, one of my favorite places, to be honest. I recently started wandering into sections of the library besides the teen/young adult, and it's like going on a mini-adventure! The last time I went, I checked out a few coffee table books by fashion designers that I like as well as a flower arranging book and a series of science essays (we'll see if I like that). Just today, I acknowledged the CD section and really want to go back and look at all the album covers.

29. Last time you were insulted? Earlier today by my brother. He's always insulting me. It's horrible.

30. Favorite flavor of sweet? *see #26

31. What instruments do you play? I play the piano. I'm not particularly good, but I really do love playing.

32. Favorite piece of jewelry? I don't wear jewelry because it makes me queasy, so yeah. Fun fact there.

33. Last sport you played? If you count yoga, then I do yoga during the summer (because I have extra free time). If not yoga, then the last sport I played was golf. I actually picked it up recently, kind of. I've been going to the driving range with my friends, but I haven't played a course since I was on the school team two years ago.

34. Last song you sang? "No Place Like Home" by Marianas Trench. Literally, like just now.

35. Favorite chat up line? If I was a superhero, I wouldn't be Iron Man, Superman, or Batman. I would be your man.

36. Have you ever used it? No...

37. Last time you hung out with anyone? I went to the driving range yesterday with my friend. We absolutely sucked because we're way out of practice, but we still had fun.

Did anyone read this far? Well, if you did, you learned a lot about me!

Posted 3/13/2015

Updated 7/29/15