Sunday, April 16, 2017

Umbrella-Less Bitch

"Oh" shaped lips and a wide-eyed stare,
She cocks her hips and flips her hair.

The boys rush over to carry her things,
Just to get close to the girl of their dreams.

She hands off her work at the end of each week
With a hug and a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

It's been quite sometime since she's bought her own drink
'Cause checkbooks come out whenever she winks.

Then one fateful day, her eyes lost their glow,
And for the first time in years, she heard the word "no".

She swayed her hips, but the men ceased to come.
She puckered her lips, but they merely went numb.

No matter how much she batted her eyes,
She couldn't get love from any nice guys.

She giggled and flirted as much as she could,
But over and over it did her no good.

Time slipped by and she failed to learn
That what she wants she has to earn.

She carries no umbrella, even in the rain.
To this day, she waits there in vain
For a nice young boy to bear her brunt.
I hate that girl. She's such a cunt.

* * *

'Lil bit of poetry for you there. Hope you like it.


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