Saturday, April 15, 2017

Recent Obsessions (Spring 2017)

Honestly, this blog is all over the place. But if it's meant to be a representation of me, then I suppose this works. Sometimes I want to write about emotional ambivalence, and other times I want to write about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. In no particular order, here are my recent obsessions.

The 1975. I first listened to their stuff when I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware if it came out because Dodie Clark a.k.a. doddleoddle a.k.a. an amazing YouTuber and musician started raving about it nonstop. It was one of those situations where I thought the album was good but didn't really vibe with it, so I didn't give it much more than that initial listen. A few months later I started just listening to it as I did homework and came to really appreciate every note and lyric. Fast forward a year, and I find myself absolutely obsessed with the entire album and their first album The 1975. Ugh. (Or should I say UGH!) Just the way Matty Healy croons when he sings makes me want to stab myself a thousand times. And those first few notes in "Robbers" pull on my heart every damn time.
Avatar: The Last Airbender. I've loved this show for years, but a video of Zuko and Azula's agni kai during Sozin's Comet popped up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and reignited (ba dum cha) my love for the entire show. First of all can we discuss the genius that is Zuko's character arc? His entire internal struggle with his moral compass is so complex and well-written--not to mention his incredible determination and relentless drive. He yearns to learn more and prove his worth, so he gets off his ass and does it. Beyond that, all of Team Avatar is just so inspirational. They all developed this absolutely fucking fantastic mastery of their skills. Their work ethics are just so admirable. On a related note, I've also been loving @punziella's fan art. I found her through Yuri On Ice fan art, but she also does ATLA stuff and it's ridiculously cool.
Converse High-Tops. I'm up to three pairs now: pink, yellow, and pale blue (which just so happen to be the colors of the pansexuality flag--an incredible accident). Let me preface this by saying I'm obsessed with the movie Edge of Seventeen and Hailee Steinfeld's look. The black sheer tights with the funky sneakers are the definition of cool. It's getting a little warm for sheer tights (but trust me, I was wearing them all winter), so I've been doing what I can with obnoxiously vibrant high tops. I love walking around in them and pretending I'm dramatically stomping out my angst. Okay, maybe sometimes I'm not pretending. Whatever. Let's move on.
Dan and Phil. It's no secret that I love these two. I've been a hardcore phangirl for three years now (where the hell has my life gone?), but lately I swear they're fucking with us. I mean for fucks sake they post multiple videos per week now, Dan's over here doing fan service for the lols, and can we talk about their goddamn insta posts and tweets? What is this domestic shit? Cute vacation updates from Phil? And Dan Howell you can't just go around posting mirror selfies like that whenever you please? It's extremely rude?
Yoga. As of recent, I've been taking yoga more seriously. I really want to advance in my practice--improve my mental health, become stronger, learn cool tricks. This past February, I made it a priority to do yoga every day, and although it was hard to squeeze it into my schedule every day, the results were worth the effort. My confidence skyrocketed because my physical health was taken care of, and my energy was up, which made me incredibly productive. As of now, I'm working on gaining strength. I've been working towards becoming a good example of a strong, independent woman, and for me, part of that is acquiring physical strength. You always here that a girl needs a strong guy to protect her. I used to think so too, but I don't buy that anymore. My well-being should not be reliant on other people. I want to take on that responsibility.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not under the illusion that I could kick anyone's ass in a fight, but making an effort to minimize my weaknesses feels like a step in the right direction. And I just want to do awesome shit. I want to stand on my head and walk around on my hands and do standing splits. All of those things are currently in the works--I'll keep you updated.

That's all for now, folks. Talk to you soon.


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