Friday, July 15, 2016

Cool Albums

I've done music posts before, but I'm trying something new. Here are some albums that I've enjoyed over the past year. (These are in alphabetical order by album title, not chronological order.)
1. Astoria by Marianas Trench. Things aren't exactly going to plan... I'm clinging onto this thinning rope and can only see everything getting worse. All that lies in front of me is my desk--no future, no progress. Breathe in, breathe out. There's this busy street between my room and my classes that I cross every day. For some reason I can't stop thinking about just running into it. Don't worry, I don't intend to do it. But it's this notion I can't drop. I'm happiest when I sleep. I've never looked forward to bedtime so much in my life. At first, it's just a distraction--something fun while I do homework. It turns into lyrics that mean a lot to me. I start writing the words on my arms, so I can always have them with me. Suddenly I know every word, and I'm singing along and dancing.
2. Badlands by Halsey. Warm sunshine. Okay, blazing hot sunshine. I almost feel like the sun has a personal vendetta against me. A/C blasting in my face as my hands rest on the steering wheel. The love child of a hipster scowl and a knowing smirk dance across my lips as I bob my head and roll my arm like a wave. Fast forward a few weeks to a hot, stuffy dorm room. I'm reading when I hear it faintly playing from her laptop. Excitedly I scream, "WHO'S PLAYING HALSEY?" and run towards the sound. Roommates bond for the first time.
3. Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan. The album drops and I play it instantly, listening while I do homework. His voice and tone and intention are all so raw and emotional. I feel my heart shifting as I drop my pen on my desk. Muscles go limp. Not moving an inch, I pause and stare into space as I listen to Troye. And that's all I wanna do right now.
4. Crybaby by Melanie Martinez. Eyes wide, lips parted in an oh. My head falls lazily to the side, and my shoulders fall into a rhythm. Her music's like a mirror. Truthful cynicism shrouded in an innocent facade. Eyelids droop, lips loosen to let lyrics flow by a sharp tongue. Sharp. Movements. Wit. Glaring because she's angered me using nothing but reality. But you know me--I love having something to be angry about.
5. HAIZ by Hailee Steinfeld. Lying on my bed with headphones on. Last I remember, I was lip singing with my eyes closed, but somehow I'm now sitting up and belting out the words. My eyes squeeze shut, and my hands close into fists as I pull them down to my sides. I start bobbing my head and shoulders as the chorus fills my head again.
6. That's the Spirit by Bring Me the Horizon. Something's not right. I don't feel like myself lately. A thousand reasons come to mind, but I decide to ignore all of them. I'll stay here for awhile. I hate that I think so, but there's something romantic about depression. There's a form of beauty in being stripped down to nothing, in having your optimism torn out of your hands. It's kind of addicting--being sucked in like that. My mind wanders to the depths of my memories, searching for ways to fall deeper. The sun went to bed a few hours ago, but no one's bothered to turn on the lights yet. Settling into the couch, I turn up the volume and listen--a blank gaze taking over my eyes.
7. This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko. The music videos came first, from my perspective, at least. Youthful. She embodies this youthfulness, this sense of adventure. I want that. Intensity arrives, but my muscles relax as I envision myself in her place. The sound is dynamic, and I can't help but nod my head in agreement. Her voice flows in vivid color, and I want nothing more than to be drenched in her rainbow.
Hope you enjoyed that! I know that nobody has time to listen to an entire album these days (especially if the person telling you to listen to it is some random girl on the internet), but below I've linked one song from each album that stood out to me. Please give one of the songs a listen if any of the albums interested you even a little bit.

1. Who Do You Love -Marianas Trench
2. Control -Halsey
3. YOUTH -Troye Sivan
4. Mrs. Potato Head -Melanie Martinez
5. Rock Bottom ft. DNCE -Hailee Steinfeld
6. Doomed -Bring Me The Horizon
7. Cliffs Edge -Hayley Kiyoko

hellokuo on Spotify if you're interested in stalking what I listen to.


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