Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Dustland Fairytale

hat: Daiso; shirt: TJ Maxx; dress: Free People; tights: Kohl's; shoes: Born

Your mind is poisoned.
Castles in the sky sit stranded, vandalized.
The drawbridge is closing.

from "A Dustland Fairytale" by The Killers

Bright silver coins flipping through the air;
Cannon-balling into rushing waters.
Quiet whispers escape her lips:
Toys and clothes and money and fame--
Each request is nearly the same.
The stars shift as the flowers die.
She thinks of a new type of wish to try.
Thousands of coins sink to the bottom,
Joining the crowd of failed and forgotten.
But she still saves shiny coins just to say,
"I wish that I will be happy one day."
 These past couple of weeks I've been dressing more preppily than usual. I just made up that word; you know which one. It's just been this knit beret and collared shirts constantly. Typically when I notice myself dressing in a "uniform" I force myself to switch things up, but I think I'll see where it goes this time.

I really like the combination of patterns and colors between my shirt, dress, and tights; and the black knit beret and wedges serve as a strong frame for the outfit.

This is actually an outfit idea that I've had laying around for months. Sometimes I'll be going about my business when an outfit just pops into my head, so I scribble it down and save it for another day. This one has been on a sticky note since before I left for university, so I'm so pleased to have it posted.
I find that my general mood these days is "fine". Not particularly happy, nor particularly sad; just fine. And that itself kind of puts me in a sour mood. Why aren't I doing better?

There's a lot of mixed commentary on happiness. Some say that happiness must be pursued; some say that happiness just doesn't happen some days. In the same sense that I need to take my happiness into my own hands, I don't really have total control over it. So what am I expected to do?

I suppose the best anyone can do is keep trying. I know for sure that I'm not meant to give up.


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