Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween: Jessica Day

 glasses: Coach; cardigan: Juicy Couture; blouse: TJ Maxx;
skirt: Target; tights: Kohl's; shoes: Guess

Happy Halloween! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, because I love things that are gently creepy and the opportunity to dress up. Unfortunately, because I'm too old to trick-or-treat and too much of a homebody to party, I don't really get to wear costumes or anything. *sigh* At least this blog grants me the excuse to dress up and take a few photos.

This year I decided to dress up as Jessica Day from New Girl. I'm quite pleased with how close I got the hair, although my head kind of blends in with the bush behind me so it's hard to see. When thinking of a costume idea, my instinct was to blacken my eyes and wear one of my white vintage-looking dresses, but I tried to force myself to be a bit more thoughtful. Hope I'm not disgusting any New Girl fans out there.

In an unrelated note: Omigod so busy. Midterms, papers, taking care of myself--yikes. I've been falling way behind in terms of blogging, but sacrifices must be made if I want to do well in school. I've reached the point where my Bloglovin' feed has so many unread posts that I'm afraid to look at it. Does anyone else get that? I get that feeling with Twitter a lot, too. It's crazy how social media puts this weird pressure on us, but I think that's a conversation for another day.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! And I'll hopefully be more diligent with blogging after my midterm on Tuesday.


I based my costume/outfit loosely on this photo.
P.S. I'm thinking about it, and I'm not sure how much of a "costume" this is because I'm pretty sure I've worn this outfit to school before. Oops.

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