Monday, September 7, 2015

Wandering Adventurer

 flower clips: H&M; sunglasses: BP; top: H&M;
skirt: eBay; bag: Michael Kors; shoes: Aldo

So I wore this outfit on my day trip to Seattle, which feels recent but was actually an entire month ago. Where does the time go? I've had these pictures ready forever, but I struggled to partner up this outfit with writing. Until now. Let's go.

But first, outfit talk.

Fun fact, most of my clothes are hang dry, so they hang in my bathroom until they're ready to be folded into my dresser. Wait, that part wasn't the fun part. The fun part is that I come up with a lot of my outfits by looking at my clothes hanging around in disarray. This blouse was hanging next to my new tulle skirt when I realized how gorgeous all the colors were together. Plus, the miscellaneous print looked super cool with the theatrical tulle. I threw in the flower hair clips because the colors match. I mean the heavens were basically like "Hey Kuo, wear them together." Wow, that was insulting to the heavens. I'm sure they're much more eloquent than that.

Let's take a second to say goodbye to my trusty beige Aldo flats. I've worn them to the bone, and it's time to replace them. I'll always remember the times that I ran out the door in a weird outfit, panicking that none of my rather loud shoes would match, and remembering that I own one pair of neutral shoes. I'll miss you dearly.

Okay, time to switch gears.

I’ve come to realize that I highly value loyalty. Perhaps this stems from the abandonment and betrayal that I’ve experienced one too many times from friends and family, because when you’ve been left in the cold a lot, the promise of someone always showing up with a jacket is incredibly comforting, almost indulgent. The idea of having someone who will always support and care about me is foreign and beautiful.

My interest in loyalty began when I learned about alliances. When I was a kid, there was a show that aired on Cartoon Network called Total Drama Island (picture at the end of this post), which was essentially a cartoon reality TV show. In the show, the mean girl would form alliances in order to ensure her advancement in the competition. Even though the girl proved to be selfish and manipulative, I still thought the alliances were an incredibly smart idea (I mean, she made it far in the show, so clearly something was working). Somewhere between watching that show and now, I subconsciously grew to love the idea of a group of people teaming up to take down a common enemy. It’s all very intelligent and badass. And I’m not going to lie, those are my aesthetic aspirations. But alas, if badass was in the South Pole, I’d be chillin’ with Santa.

I don’t think it would be farfetched to say that I’m a loyal person. As long as you don’t break my trust, all of my loyalty lies with you. I’m loyal to people who treat me well, and I’m incredibly loyal to the phandom (phangirls, where you at?). I crave loyalty and the opportunity to be loyal. I want to have someone to love and support, but I’m only human. And that means that, as giving as I want to be, I need someone to return that love and support. Everyone does.

Just in case TDI sounded familiar but you couldn't recall what
it was and you needed to get rid of that annoying itch in
your brain. I got you.
P.S. Happy birthday to my wonderful mother who has loved me unconditionally since the day I popped out of the womb.

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