Thursday, September 24, 2015

Art Stuff That I Made

Over the summer, I was blessed with a lot of free time. Whenever I'm given an opportunity like this, I revisit all my hobbies. I blogged tons this summer. I went to yoga classes multiple times per week. I learned a new song on piano ("New Born" by Muse, it was eighteen pages long ugh). I read twenty books. And I drew/painted/pasted together a bunch of stuff, so I thought I'd show off some of my art! 

I attempted to do an accurate looking portrait. He definitely looks human, so ten points there. Does anyone know who this is? Guess before you scroll down more because the following photos might give it away for some people. But I'm seriously interested in knowing if I did an adequate portrait job. My original intention was to do a handful of portraits this summer, but portraits take for. eh. ver. They involve a lot of erasing and redrawing and erasing again, which is a pain in the ass, but totally necessary.
 Phil is not on fire based phanart.
More Phil is not on fire based phanart.
General phanart.
Based on the song "This is What Makes Us Girls" by Lana Del Rey. I believe it's from Born to Die.

Ink sketches.
Lyrics from the song "Human" by The Killers' album Day and Age. I made it into a t-shirt, which you can see here.
Lyrics from the song "Ever After" off of Mariana's Trench's album Ever After.
Basically a copy of a little poem I saw on Tumblr, but I changed a few of the words to improve the meter. Unfortunately for any phangirls out there, I don't have the link. Sorry about that.
From the song "Control" on Halsey's Badlands album.
I attempted to do one of those fashion sketches, but I'm an amateur. I mean, I'm not unhappy with it.

Oil pastel.
I broke out my oil pastels to do this horrifying sketch. You can call it abstract, but I call it wanted-to-use-every-color-at-her-disposal.

This was the first time I touched acrylic paints in a very long time, so honestly, I was just kind of messing around. I mean, you can think it's deep and profound if you want to, but I think it's merely charming junk.
Ugh. Okay, I found out two months after painting this that "Feeling Good" was originally sung by some famous jazz singer awhile ago, and that Muse only did a cover. Hence, my poster doesn't quite make sense with the little Muse logo there, but whatever. Too lazy to go back now.
From "Resistance" off of Muse's Resistance album. You might've noticed that I wanted to paint the sky at different times of day in thisposter series and tried to coordinate them with the lyrics.
From "Mercy" off of Muse's latest album, Drones.
These lyrics are also from the song "Ever After" from Mariana's Trench's Ever After album.
I personally think this is my best painting. I was so proud of all the details that I managed to depict (my sunflowers look freaking bomb). And I'm really happy with how all the colors look together.
Does anyone recognize this? People who have been reading my blog for a couple months now might know this from here.

Water color. I was actually inspired by Celeststralite's index card a day challenge, so if you want to see similar, better executed stuff, you can look for those posts on her blog. Oh! And seeing all the beautiful water color sketches on Rosie's blog had a hand in this, too. The combination of their posts, me discovering my old paints, and these small water color cards being on sale bring you the following paintings.
This is the first water color I did after several years of not touching water colors, so I definitely squeezed out too much paint (ugh waste) and screwed up the water to paint ratio.
A little better--I had more control here, but the painting itself isn't really anything special.
Some more below average phanart (and I mean below average; for some reason a lot of phangirls are amazing artists).
Okay, I'm proud of this one. When I draw, I do way better if I have something to go off of, so I combined elements of a few different drawings I saw online to get this lotus/water/sun painting.

Collages. I made both of these using cut outs from a Vogue that came out two years ago (I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines and magazine clippings).
That dress in the middle--tell me it's not amazing. The Venetian canals have such Romantic vibes, and the tulle and lace add so much drama. Looking at this dress actually gives me tingles.

That's all of the stuff I made this summer! What did you think? Does anyone else out there paint or sketch?


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