Monday, August 10, 2015


Last week I returned home after spending a few days in Portland, Oregon. Portland is unique in that it has an urban energy but with a laid back attitude; and it's pretty hipster-y, or at least downtown and the Pearl District are. Literally, on my first day there I walked past a flower shop with DIY flower crown sessions on my way to a cafe whose prominent decor was wood paneling, hanging flowers, and glass bottles. Also, there were flowers hanging from every street sign. It was freaking pretty, but I digress. I love cities, and Portland is no exception.

The hotel we stayed at had this prominent yellow paneling that made it feel very modern and fun. Seriously, I was really digging this yellow.

There's something special about crossing a street in a city. For one thing, I live in the suburbs; no one walks anywhere around here, so I rarely cross streets. There's also the fact that cars look like they don't plan on stopping while you cross--that makes things exciting. Once in Taipei, a van stopped like a foot away from me while I made my way across the road. But above all, I love how the buildings tower over the people and the cars and the way the street becomes narrower as cars disappear into the distance.

My family wandered around a giant farmers market that is held at Portland State University. My dad has always loved farmers markets because he's a fruit and plant kind of guy, so we used to frequent them when I was younger. I hated it. An hour of following my parents around as they grocery shopped in a hot empty lot--awful. For some reason, though, I love farmers markets now. Maybe it's the movement. Maybe it's the wholesomeness. Maybe it's the bright colors from the vegetables and the flowers. Granted, the farmers' markets I visited on this trip were much more impressive than the ones of my childhood. People everywhere, different musicians on every corner, fresh food, the energy was tangible.

The Seattle post will come later this week! Hope this made your Monday a little more colorful.



  1. It looks and sounds so cool here! I really want to go to a Farmers Market!x

  2. Portland looks incredible; you've captured really great photos, Kuo! I can definitely feel the hipster vibes, and ah, I'd love to visit one day, especially Farmer's Market. Look at all that colour!

    I actually dislike crossing roads; they give me heart attacks. I hardly ever cross roads because, like you, I live in the suburbs, but when I go to work and need to run errands (I don't drive), I need to walk, and I nearly kill myself from heart attacks every time I cross the road, lol.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. I love Portland! I live in Seattle so looking forward to your Seattle post!

  4. Portland is such a beautiful city. Love the pictures you captured and shared. It has a very vintage vibe to it and adds all the charm to Portland

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  5. Gorgeous photos, one of my best friends lives in Portland and I have always wanted to visit!

    Do you have Bloglovin'? Let's follow each other!

    xx Falasha
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  6. Portland seems so nice (and also full of hipsters)! I love being in cities, as I live in the suburbs too, but after a while, I get tired of being around all the noise, and the fact that I watch my life flash before my eyes every time I have to cross a street. Literally, the cabbies in NYC are insane! I don't understand how people can walk and text there haha!

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  7. I love Portland!!! great pics

  8. Portland is great isn't it? Excited to see your Seattle post!


  9. Portland looks so cool and you can tell through the photos such positive and funky vibes. It definitely brighten up my day so thank you Kuo!!!

  10. Portland looks so promising.
    I love the good vibes going on in this trip
    Love your photos

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  11. I love crossing the street in urban cities too. When the traffic signal changes and everyone steps onto the street together at once--it's a cool feeling, kinda like you're a part of something bigger.

    xx freshfizzle