Monday, August 31, 2015

One for Tea

sunglasses: Lauren Conrad; dress: eShakti*; bag: vintage Coach; shoes: LoveD

The lovely people over at eShakti reached out to me with the opportunity to review one of their dresses, and after a quick scroll through their shop, I happily agreed. First of all, they have a wide collection of dresses. So wide, in fact, that every time I visit their "new arrivals" page, the selection is almost completely different. (I'm actually planning on doing a little wishlist-type post later this week because (1) I really like a lot of the stuff they have and (2) I just learned how to do those wishlist collages that all bloggers do, and I'm excited about it.)

On top of the wide selection, the description of each dress is wonderfully detailed. In addition to the usual information (fabric type, explanation of things you can see in the picture like "scoop neck"), they also included the washing instructions. I'm not sure why, but that really impressed me. Not to mention, the standard size chart is incredibly detailed, but you can also choose a custom size by giving your own measurements. Overall, I think the website is great!

If you happen to check it out and like what you see, I have a coupon code: "hellokuo" that gets you 10% off until September 25.

Enough of me jibber-jabbering about the website like a dork, let's talk about the actual dress! Honestly, it's great. The fabric is soft and thick--wonderful quality. The straps are a little wide, though. They sit really close to the edge of my shoulder, which means my bra straps have the opportunity to peek out. Regardless, I still love this dress. It is a pleasant mixture of charming and girly with a subtle vintage feel.

I accessorized with my vintage Coach purse because the colors felt rich and cozy next to each other, and the tweed and suede seemed to fit right in with the little cottages on the dress (see below). The tan wedges contributed to the girly tone (and also happen to be one of my few pairs of feminine, quasi-vintage-esque shoes).

*The dress originally comes in "knee length," but I changed the length to "mid-thigh" in order to get this "over-the-knee" length.
^^A little close up of part of the print. It's just so quaint and detailed. Bonus points: I've been kind of obsessed with blue and white lately, so this was right up my alley.
^^Close up of the bodice seams. They gave the dress a really feminine, flirty structure, which I loved. However, they also make this part of the dress quite thick. I'm sure I'll appreciate this in the fall or winter, but it evokes quite a bit of sweat in August.
I dragged my friend to Main Street of my small town to take these photos. (By the way, thanks Dao! Sorry I make you take photos every time we go out to lunch.) Main Street, composed of little old buildings, cute benches, and potted flowers, is quaint, but unfortunately ignored. The street is mostly banks, hair salons, and little insurance companies, so it's not exactly a happening place, even though it's beyond adorable. In fact, I've lived in this same town all my life but have only recently ventured down there (and it was in search of locations for shooting). Also unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures featuring the more picturesque parts of the area because it was noon and most of my photos were way too bright.


It's going to be a crazy transition leaving my little suburban town for a big city. I'm assuming that nights won't be so quiet and that I'll rarely experience the unique feeling of being the only person in the world. As much as I'll miss home, I think I'm ready for a change of pace. Even though I've managed to enjoy life so far, life's not going to be fun if I do the same thing every day for the rest of my life. There's so much out there, and I want to see as much of it as possible.

So here's to something new! *raises glass of water* Stay hydrated kids.


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