Thursday, August 6, 2015

Flight Outfit and Life Update

 top: TJ Maxx; vest: Banana Republic; shorts: Hollister; shoes: Aldo

Yesterday I returned home after a week visiting Portland, Seattle, and the outskirts of the Las Vegas strip (which means that, unfortunately, I didn't even step on the strip). Photos from Portland and Seattle to come. I'll start with the outfit I wore on my flight!

Keeping things brief: shoes that are convenient to take off in the TSA line; shorts because skirts and dresses are rather inconvenient when I'm moving around and squeezing into tight plane seats; vest that can be wrapped around me like a blanket in case the plane is too cold.

Beauty bit: a subtle cat eye and wavy hair. Did my face scare you? 'Cause it scared me a little. I was just scrolling, scrolling, and then BAM. My face.

Life Update/Random Thoughts:

Okay, I've never done one of these before because I assumed it would be boring for you, but I enjoy reading other people's, so maybe mine will be interesting.

1. I've really gotten into this YouTuber called Evan Edinger simply because he's an amazing storyteller (or raconteur, if you will--vocab skills on point). Hopefully one day I'll acquire that skill.

2. There are tons of library books in my closet waiting to be read. Including coffee table books, because I thought I'd try something new. I'm currently finishing up Catcher in the Rye. I wanted to reread it because I thought (correctly) that I missed a few things the first time I randomly picked it up four years ago. Two things about Catcher in the Rye: (1) love the name Holden Caulfield and (2) since I started reading it, I've been overusing the adjective "goddamn" in my thoughts too much.

3. I cleaned up the bulletin board that I keep in my room, and it feels so nice. Instead of fifty thousand bright green sticky notes, I have neat, categorized lists.

4. I love my family, but I'm ready to move out. It's like when you have a friend that's starting to irk you a bit, and you just need to reduce your interactions with her for a few days.

5. Forever 21 in Portland treated me well. Found some cool stuff for very cheap, and I'm very happy about that. You know what upsets me, though? So many of Forever 21's clothes are "hand wash" or "hang dry." I'm about to start doing laundry in a small room with tons of other teenagers. Where am I supposed to hang dry my goddamn clothes?  Don't even get me started on hand washing.

6. There are so many art/craft/DIY projects that I want to do but so little time! I'm overwhelmed with crafts. This is what happens when I don't have time for arts and crafts for four years and have to cram all of my projects into one summer.

7. I've decided that I want to spend a small period of my life (like a summer) living in Seattle. I freaking love Seattle--especially Pike's Place. And the Seattle Central Library--man that place is cool. Seattle's energy in general sits well with me, too.

8. Today is my friend Ashley's 18th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you're away from home and surrounded by strangers, but I hope you feel loved. And old. Because you are.

Wow, that got long. I'll stop there as to not overwhelm anybody. Honestly, I could go on forever. Seriously, I'm just here listening to Muse and letting my thoughts flow; I could literally do this for several hours, but I won't.

What's on your mind at this very moment? I'm genuinely interested in knowing.



  1. That outfit looks really comfy :) I've never been to Seattle, but I do have a list of places that I want to live in (not just visit) for a while, at least.

  2. I am rubbish at dressing up for flights just because I don't fly very often, haha. I love the crochet details of the vest.

    I'm also rubbish at writing life updates (I tried yesterday to write one but one sentence in and I'm knocked out ha!) Anyway, Evan Edinger sounds like such a cool guy, I'll definitely have to check him out! I'm always in awe of those who can tell stories with the perfect words and I want to be able to do that one day, too! My bulletin board is waiting to be cleaned up, too. My entire room, honestly.

    What's on my mind this very moment? Sleep. The weather is cloudy and I'm at work. I'm also very sleep deprived. You can see how that works.

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. yeah evan is great! i always admire people who can tell portray the hilarity of a situation. whenever i try to tell a funny story, i always end up over explaining and sucking the funny out haha. and i hope you get some sleep soon!

  3. Aw I hope you had a wonderful time in Seattle / Portland. I visited Seattle one time before a cruise to Alaska! I was beginning 7th grade so I was 12 years old. It seems like a great place in the summer-I loved Pike Place too. But I don't think I could do it all year because I need sun and it's pretty cloudy there. I have never been to Portland although I heard Oregon is just so beautiful! Also, Jess Day from New Girl is from Portland so it can't be too bad, right ;P

    And hmm I don't know about hand-washing but I know that it was relatively easy to air-dry your clothes at school! My friend had a little clothes dryer she would put up/down when she needed it/didn't! You probably want to air-dry some of your clothes because the dyers at school are terribly hot! Invest in a drying rack and you should be good to go-I might even get one for myself this year :)

    One last thing: I am also running my first giveaway on my blog- $30 E-Certificate to Forever 21! Check out my post for more details and a chance to win!

    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    1. yeah i need sunshine too, that's why i think i can only do summer there. and i was thinking about jess when i was in portland! i just randomly thought of that tour of significant places in her childhood that she took everyone on haha. and i'll have to keep a drying rack in mind! the annoying thing is i'm not sure if i'll have space for it (or anything, tbh) because i'm sharing a room with two other girls so space is very limited. but thank you!

  4. " I've decided that I want to spend a small period of my life (like a summer) living in Seattle. I freaking love Seattle--especially Pike's Place. " GIRL That's exactly what I'm doing (well...I'm on the outskirts...) If you do ever get to come back during a summer (as I'm probably returning each summer!) we should totally do meet up. Pike Place Market is the best! I have plans there this Sunday. Just a tip though, the locals hate when you call it Pike's Place ;D

    I'm definitely jealous you went to Portland. I wanted to go so bad, but I'll have to save it for another time. Have you heard/eaten at Voodoo donuts? That's like 75% of the reason I want to go.

    The outfit is so cute---hope the flight went well :) Also I'm sure half of my clothes say to handwash---but I don't have time for that. They come out fine!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. that would be cool! fair warning, though: i have no idea when i'm returning to seattle haha. one day though(: and thanks for the tip! i hate feeling like a tourist because i feel like locals (in any place, not just seattle) can be so judgy. and i already look like enough of a tourist because i've always got my camera out :3

      we drove by voodoo donuts because my cousin (who lives up there) recommended it to us, but the line was out the door and around the building! so my family was like nahhh

  5. Aww, I really love your hair and vest sweetie! :)

  6. great post, nice weekend!

  7. Lovely outfit and post!! I especially love the lace vest :D I will have to check out your youtube recommendation! xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for a follow!

  8. cute outfit ^^ and your smile is so adoreable ^^

  9. So cute!

  10. You look so cute! I love your shorts especially :) I don't fly much so I never really know what clothes to wear for travelling! I'd love to visit Portland and Seattle one day :) xxx

  11. Cute !

  12. Cool summer outfit!
    You look very stylish!

  13. You look beautiful Kuo, the polka dot top is a winner and I love how you teamed it with a white vest and shoes! Moving out is seriously amazing to be independent and doing your own thing, you do miss the little things though like dishwashers and living in a warmish place without having to pay the power bill lol!

  14. Great post! I like your little "life thoughts" section. I love that vest too!!
    xx, Pia

  15. I love your top! Cute look and thanks for the visit.

  16. You look so cute
    Love this fun outfit

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  17. You are too adorable! Love the look and looking forward to many more cute outfits to wear on your travels :)