Thursday, August 27, 2015

Final Review (not for an exam...)

top: Dresslink

This is the last item I received from my Dresslink wishlist. While the last two tops (here and here) were pretty great, I found this top less impressive. This is partly because I'm an amateur online shopper and partly because the quality of the blouse just isn't spectacular.

My mistake was not taking my measurements before picking the size. I typically take the time to do so when online shopping, but I was in a rush when I placed my order, so I just bought a medium (which translates to a US size 4, my usual size). When I tried on the blouse, I felt like I was being squished, so clearly something was wrong.

Upon revisiting the website and checking the exact measurements of a medium, I realized that the bust size is 31.2 inches. Oops. Now before you call me a huge idiot, I wear a 32a bra (I've never met anyone past puberty with boobs smaller than mine), so this wasn't far off. It was, however, still too small.

My stupid mistakes aside, this blouse was still mediocre. It arrived with the above tear in the armpit. And after I freed myself from what felt like a child's shirt (again, my bad...), the tear shown below happened. Again, oops.
My guess as to why the top rips so easily is the thin fabric. While the top is labeled chiffon (thus thin fabric should be anticipated), I think the fabric was a bit too sheer. In the photo above, the left side is the blouse lying flat on my bed, and the right side is the blouse hanging in front of my window. As shown, you can see through two layers of the fabric when it is held to the light. Although none of this is ideal, I will concede that the top is less than $5, so I can't really complain that much.

Honestly, if I had ordered this in the right size, I could've ironed it and made do. It was less impressive than the other two blouses I received from Dresslink, but in the proper size it still would've been wearable.

Overall, my experience with Dresslink was pretty good! A two out of three success rate is not bad--especially considering that all three tops together were under $20. It's like the Naked Man move from How I Met Your Mother, successful two out of three times.

Thanks again to Dresslink for giving me the opportunity to review their products! Give them a gander if you haven't already, and enjoy your day!


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