Monday, July 27, 2015

YouTube Videos That Resonate with Me

For those who don't know, I'm a bit of a YouTube addict. It's been well over a year since I've gone a day without YouTube. In all the time that I've spent there, I've encountered a lot of random, hilarious crap as well as plain old crap--as expected. However, there are a number of videos with statements that resonate with me. Words that sit with me, make me think, and alter the way I behave. I'm sure I've left one or two out, but here are a few YouTube videos with words that resonated with me (in alphabetical order by username, because why not?):

1. "You can never judge someone too harshly because her entire family might have just been devoured by beetles or she might've lost custody to her dog or something... I don't know." (2:05 from "I'M SORRY!" by AmazingPhil)

My parents are extremely quick to judge and criticize strangers in public. Waitresses that keep forgetting you asked for napkins, mothers who can't get their kid to stop crying, cashiers that are a bit too sassy--all of these things never fail to induce cranky grumbles and complaints from my parents. From a young age, a little bit of my sympathy went out to the people my parents complained about for the reason that Phil described: you never know a stranger's entire story, so don't get so angry or judgy-wudgy when he or she does something that's rude or off. It's okay to be annoyed, you have that right, but please don't return their crankiness--that only makes everything worse.

2. "So yeah, the joys of being a teenager: school, homework, family drama, friend drama, dog dies, hormones, fun, fun, FUN, but guess what? Everybody had to deal with that kind of stuff, and like everyone says it gets better, you just need to survive..." (2:44 from "Draw My Life - Dan Howell" by danisnotonfire)

Although I always subconsciously knew that I definitely wasn't the only teenager going through all kinds of crap, I never really thought about it, so when I heard Dan say it out loud, I felt this subtle sense of ease. Hearing this statement erased this background of loneliness that haunted me whenever stress or anger took over. Now it's something that always comes to mind and makes me feel somewhat calmer whenever I start freaking out.

3. "When I called Dodie on the phone [during an anxiety attack], she didn't say Why can't you just be happy? She didn't offer up stupid suggestions or things that were mostly her imprinting on me. What she did was she asked How can I help you? What can I do to make you feel better?" (4:11 from "On Being Problematic" by Evan Edinger)

In this video, Evan discusses anxiety attacks and how to react to them. Now, the reason this statement sat with me isn't because I know loads of people who suffer from anxiety attacks. Specifically in regards to anxiety attacks, he goes on to say that the best way to help someone is to listen to them. But I kind of broadened the advice to apply to comforting people in any situation. A little bit of context: I am absolutely awful at helping people when they're emotionally unstable. I'd say I'm pretty good at giving sound, logical advice, but the moment I see tears or rage, I have no idea what to do. Thus, after I heard this, I subconsciously made a note to ask people how they want me to help before going in with sincere but ultimately useless "It will be okay"s and awkward hugs.

4. "I'm just a girl, who loved a boy, who didn't love himself, so I had to let him go." (8:48 from "Explaining my Breakup" by lisbug)

For those who don't know, Lisa recently broke up with her boyfriend Shane who came out as bisexual after a long personal struggle (they're both pretty big on YouTube, in case you thought I was just digging into the personal lives of random people; although, technically, I was... but that's just what YouTube is). I've never been in love or even dated, but I'm very familiar with the idea of having to let people go. What I liked about the way Lisa worded it, was that she effortlessly made it clear that she didn't let him go because she hated him. She did it out of necessity. That's something that I think people should realize: not every relationship ends because of anger or bad blood. Sometimes relationships have to end because that's the best option for everyone involved.

Hope this post had some positive influence. If you're interested, watch one, two, or all of the videos! I'd love to know what you think!



  1. Great post!


  2. I agree with number 1. we can never judge someone too harshly.

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    I will follow you back after it. Thank you! ^^

  3. These are all such great choices, Kuo, and you've explained each one so nicely!

    I understand you on #1 a LOT. My parents are such judgemental people, especially in restaurants and shopping centres. My dad shouts at the waitress who's frowning or that cashier who drops the change, and all they can do is, despite whatever is upsetting them, swallow it in. Can't people learn to be kinder -- both parties? Gah.

    The part about letting people go out of necessity sort of surprised me in a pleasant manner. I think I've always known that sometimes, things end because it's inevitable, but I've never paused to think about it that way.

    I loved loved this. Have a great week, Kuo!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  4. I'm always looking for new videos to watch! Thanks for sharing these :)

    be the plebeian

  5. OMg yesyesyesyes!!!!! My parents are always way to quick to judge people too! Dan and Phil speak the wisest words ^_^, also yes evan and lisbug! You have great taste in youtubers, I freaking love them all such good quotes! x

  6. OH so great videos.
    i love their thoughts and shoutouts :)
    So cool

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  7. I've never really got into you tubers and can't believe the things you can find on there! It's like a whole new world and I'm totally missing out on it!!!

    Megan ||

  8. Great post! I liked the videos you put up! I had to understand to that relationships don't always end because you stop loving someone.

  9. I really really like number 3. I'm like you, I never know what to do when people get really upset or angry, but asking them how I can help them is actually such a good idea.

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