Monday, July 6, 2015

Summertime Gladness

top: Forever 21; overalls: thrifted; backpack: Coach; shoes: Coach

A smile goes a long way.

Back in middle school, I walked to a nearby elementary school every day after class to meet my carpool. I remember waiting there once and watching a teacher struggle by with a giant stack of teacher stuff. Sitting on the side of the planter with my backpack next to me, I began to wonder why I didn't think to walk over and help her. At that moment, I decided to make an extra effort to be an all-around nicer person.

One of the things that I thought would make me (at least appear) nicer was smiling at people every time we made eye contact. Ever since that year, I smile at strangers all the time. It's such a small thing, but (most of the time) when I smile at people, they smile back. And I love being able to make people smile.


I'm always down for bright colors and bold prints, so a combination like this is very typically me. Advice from a self-proclaimed professional print mixer: it's important to add elements of unity to an outfit when combining multiple louder elements. I integrated unity into my look through my backpack and my sneakers, which match details in my overalls and t-shirt respectively.

IDK. this is what happens when my friend Dao suggests poses.


  1. You are so adorable, love your smile.

  2. I think that one of the best things you can do is to smile! It has such a beneficial effect on both you and the person you may be smiling at. Yours is so contagious so definitely keep it up. Anyway, I am in LOVE with those short-overalls. They are adorable and super quirky! <3
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  3. I agree smiling is such a beautiful greeting to share with a stranger and you never know when you could make someone's day or vice verse! I have to admit being an introvert and socially awkward I can struggle with this at times but I do like to make an effort. I love your pink overalls and your smile is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  4. You have such a lovely smile! These pictures are so cute and you look cool in these overalls!


  5. Cutest overalls! Love the color and print on you!


  6. Love the colorcombo! Really cute! The romper is amazing!

    xoxo, Colli

  7. Your outfit is almost as wonderful as your positive attitude! It's people like yourself who make the world a better place <3

  8. You look so cute !

  9. Cute outfit! I always try to smile at everyone, including strangers. You never know, it can definitely lighten someone's day! Thank you for sharing !

  10. I agree! I usually give a quick smile when I got caught up looking at someone (unintentionally) :P Loving your outfit- especially your bright pink romper :) Have a nice day! xx Maja

  11. This outfit is so sweet, the colours are all really playful and summery - your smile goes perfectly with such a happy outfit! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  12. I love your playsuit it's so adorable!x