Friday, July 24, 2015

Ever After by Marianas Trench

I randomly discovered this album back in June, and I'm still absolutely obsessed. And as a blogger, I have an unspoken duty to report the things I obsess over, so I'll just get into all the reasons that I love Ever After by Marianas Trench.
  1. Motifs. Marianas Trench frequently employs motifs in this album. Now this is the only album of theirs that I've listened to so far, so this could be something they always do, but it's ever present and fantastically executed in Ever After. The subtle repetition of certain lines and this one particular hum create this incredible sense of unity that fills my stomach with butterflies.
  2. Arrangement/Order. Personally, I appreciate an album twice as much if the songs are arranged in a particular, well thought out order. When the songs in an album really connect with each other and are arranged well, listening to the album from beginning to end is an experience, and if you play the album on shuffle, the experience is completely different. Does that make sense? For example, when I listen to American Beauty/American Psycho (Fall Out Boy), I can shuffle the album and still have the same listening experience (by the way, that doesn't make it a bad album; it's still a magnificent album). Whereas if I listen to The Resistance (Muse), shuffling the album screws up the experience that Muse prepared for its listeners. ...I realize that this example only helps if you've listened to those albums. I'll move on.
  3. Movie-like Experience. Because of the two aspects described above, listening to Ever After is the album equivalent of watching a movie. Each element of the album is carefully considered, just like the plot of a movie. Everything aligns in a manner that resembles the way backstories explain character motivations and subplots tie to main plots. At the end of the album, I experience this satisfying sense of ahh and it's incredible.
  4. The Usual. This stuff is the foundation of a good album: thoughtful lyrics, energetic beats, catchy tunes, etc.--the obvious but nonetheless important stuff.
If you hadn't already guessed it, they are Marianas Trench.
I know most people will probably be hesitant to listen to an entire album, so here are a few songs that will give you the best taste (i.e. my personal favorites):
  1. Ever After
  2. Haven't Had Enough
  3. Desperate Measures (and if you happen to be a phangirl, click this one)
  4. Fallout
  5. No Place Like Home
Click whichever name tickles your fancy, and if you give any of these, or the whole album, a listen, let me know if you liked it!



  1. lovely post!
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    Jess |

  2. Oh my god, that cover is phenomenal; I have to check them out, now! I completely agree with you when you mention track listing -- order is extremely important for me and one that is thought out and meaningful will always make me fall a bit harder for the album! Ooh, I find motifs in an album extremely beautiful! Because you only hear that mostly in musicals or classical compositions, incorporating them in contemporary music is extremely interesting.

    I'll listen to the album once I have the time and if I like it, I know who to thank!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. Ooh will check them out! THanks for sharing!


  4. I love the cover! I'm so going to look them up now, thanks! (I love discovering new music)

  5. I really like the cover! It's really cute, I'll give them a listen.

  6. Hmm I have never heard of them before so I think I will go check it out! Thanks for sharing :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  7. Wow sounds great.
    Never heard of it before.

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