Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Candy Kisses

"choker": ribbon from Michael's; top: original by me;
shorts: American Rag; bag: LeSportSac; shoes: Converse

Not going to lie, I've been suffering from writer's block these days. Maybe I've been too idle, but I really don't have anything intelligent on my mind these days. Well, that's not entirely true. I can think the thoughts (though, I'll admit that they're not as frequent as they've been in the past), but I can't really develop them. So as I write this, I'm going to brainstorm some ways to get my brain going again.

HOW TO STIMULATE YOUR BRAIN (tips with indeterminate results):

1. Read a good book! I've been catching up on my YA fiction, but I think I need to pick some more thoughtful novels. I just saw a commercial for the Paper Towns movie, and I think I want to read the book now. Yeah, it's still YA, but one of the books I randomly picked off the shelf of my public library is about twin supermodels. My plan to find a good book is to scroll through some book blogs, but if you have any recommendations, please tell me!

2. Watch a movie. Make it one of those award-winning movies, like Forrest Gump or something. I've been wanting to watch that for awhile, but I never got around to it because I'm not much of a movie person. While I'm here, I'd like to recommend Spirited Away to anyone who's looking for a new movie to watch. It's a Miyazaki animation with really pretty art and an intriguing yet sweet story. The movie is from 2001, but I'm sure it's on Netfix or YouTube. Let me know if you recommend any movies! Maybe I can get into movies.

3. Meditate. Take the time to separate yourself from all of your daily stresses and allow space for reconnecting with the world around you. I've been wanting to do a longer session where I meditate through one of my favorite albums. My original idea was something Muse, but now I'm thinking American Beauty/American Psycho (Fall Out Boy) and Ultraviolence (Lana del Rey) would be cool as well.

4. Take yourself to lunch. Treat yourself to lunch at a cafe or whatever restaurant you like! But don't spend the whole time on your phone. Just sit there, enjoy your food, and people watch in the company of your thoughts.

5. Eat ice cream. Because ice cream always helps. Always.

Now, I set out to test my methods. Fingers crossed they work!


From a YouTube video.

I've really been into pairing this hairstyle (double half-pigtails on the side of my head--very funky, much volume) with a black ribbon around my neck. The effect is simultaneously fun and mysterious. With the mismatched pink and purple hair accessories, I wanted to integrate some of my personal quirk into the look. Coupled with the graphic print bag and my bright pink sneakers, the overall look channels the colorful aspects of Japanese fashion and the early 00's.

I've had this for ages, so I don't know where I acquired it. Literally, I used to clip it into my My Little Ponies' manes.


They're remodeling the MAC store at a mall near me, so they put up these super cool walls. I just love staring at them because (1) I've always been a little obsessed with lips and lip products and (2) bright colors never fail to excite me. Perfect timing as well; they suit the outfit, and I've been trying to improve my blog by finding more picturesque and interesting places to take photos.


  1. I love how you turned your writers block into something, genius!!! You look super cute as always and I just adore your top and the pink and blue together!

    I just tagged you in the Versatile Blogger Award if you want to take part if not it's all good!

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! xo

  3. Hello Kuo! I love this outfit and especially the Japanese style. Keep up the amazing work....Can't wait for more updates!!

  4. You look so cute, dear! ^_^
    Nice blog, I love it!


  5. You're the cutest! I also wanna read Paper Towns now!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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  6. love your cute top!

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    Jess |

  7. love this!

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