Friday, June 19, 2015

Waldorf x Kuo

headband: Henri Bendel; sunglasses: Lauren Conrad; ribbon bow tie: Michael's;
shirt: H&M; dress: Forever 21; bag: free from Teen Vogue; shoes: LoveD

My brother bought me the first five seasons of Gossip Girl on DVD as a graduation gift (THANK YOU), so naturally, I've spent the past few days watching it nonstop. Even though I already know the general plot (I read all the books in middle school and watched season 6 a few years ago when it was airing on television), each episode is still extremely exciting and suspenseful--pretty much all because of chair. Chuck and Blair are my everything, and I keep watching in hopes that they'll be together in the next episode. #chairislife Blair is my idol, Chuck is the coolest person alive, and chair is the dream.

Because I've been so addicted lately, I decided to sprinkle a bit of Blair Waldorf into my outfit today. My black leather headband with rose gold hardware is a bit of an homage to Blair's signature headbands in the early seasons. I tied a black ribbon around my collar to resemble the tie she wore with her school uniform, and the button up shirt provides a somewhat preppy vibe. By combining two exotic prints with a feminine silhouette, I added in elements of my own personal style.

You know you love me. xoxo,


By the way, this headband is an extremely kind graduation gift from one of my teachers. Not only is it beautiful, but it's incredibly considerate, has a lot of meaning, and I love it so much.

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