Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Day at Home

Earlier this week I decided to document a day at home, so this is me on a lazy Saturday. Scroll on.

Breakfast. Oooh. These are steamed buns with red bean inside. Yeah, I know. I'm cultured. Jealous? Sorry about it.

Listening to some Muse while I get ready. By time this post goes up, Muse's new album Drones will already be out. Very excitement. Much cool. I've been listening to the released songs lately in preparation. As of now, my favorite song is "Mercy." Give it a listen if you like. It's kind of reminiscent of  Black Holes and Revelations and The Resistance, whereas the rest of the songs are more rock-ish (that's the word I've decided to use, yes) like Origin of Symmetry.

hairband: some grocery store in Taiwan;
shirt: original by me; pants: Target

Headed off to yoga class! I was too self-conscious to take photos there, so all I have is this photo of a brochure. I've been doing yoga (very inconsistently) for seven years now. Because of school, my practice is restricted to the summer, but I love going back every year. Partly because I like yoga itself, partly because I like convincing myself that I'm healthy.

This photo is from a phan channel called 1georgia that edits clips from Dan and Phil's videos. I'm obsessed with her. Right after that, I started up Phandom Hits (a playlist full of songs that remind me of the phandom) and hopped on Tumblr. By the way, I don't have an account because I'm sure that if I did, my life would be destroyed. With a Tumblr account, I would go from a phangirl to phan trash.

Dan at my age dressed as Phil. I die.

top: original by me; pants: H&M

Making and eating lunch. Yeah. I'm a big girl. I feed myself.

Making a new t-shirt!

Watching YouTube (big surprise) while sewing the hem of my shirt. A couple of months ago, I mentioned liking Twiggy's eye makeup in a Recent Obsessions post. I said I wanted to try recreating it, but I'm not that talented. Luckily, Ingrid Nilsen did a video teaching me how! You can see my attempt if you scroll down a bit further.

As seen right above, I'm not good at sewing, but it looks okay from afar.

My turtle, Dig, at feeding time. After I feed him, I wander around my backyard for awhile and look at the plethora of plants while bothering my dog.

Hanging out in my room before dinner. Is it weird that I have a framed picture of myself in my room?

Dinner made by my beautiful mother. Fried tofu and tomato beef--some of my favorites.

Post-dinner walk with the Mae-binator. I walked up a trail, enjoyed the beautiful day, and spent some time with my dog and my thoughts. My walk also included standing on top of a hill for fifteen minutes looking out on the view, just breathing and thinking, which I loved.

Watching The Goldbergs and sorting through the photos I had taken during the day.

A peek at the sun setting from my room.

Me trying the aforementioned make up look. Not bad, in my opinion. I've worn it out a few times, too.

top: Walmart: shorts: Target

In my pajamas so I can settle down for the night.

Pre-bedtime snack. Because I was taking photos of my food, I chose this over milk and cookies. I should do this every day.

Just scrolling through the tweets before bed. It's important to get that stalking in.

And that was my day! Pretty simple, but these are the kinds of days I enjoy the most.

Hope it wasn't a waste of your time.


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