Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Spring/Summer Haul

My aunt took me birthday/congratulations-on-graduating shopping earlier this week, and I found some great stuff that I wanted to share here!

I got this top at Forever 21 for $16. Let me just preface everything I have to say about this top by saying that I love loud pieces. As cool as this minimalist, black and white trend is, I personally find it boring to constantly wear only black, white, and grey, so I'm always drawn towards bright colors and bold prints. In addition to the vivid hues and exotic pattern, this top exudes a very athletic, modern vibe whose potential excites me. Not to mention, the fabric is rather light and the structure is loose, so it's ideal for warm weather.

This dress is from H&M, and it was $35. I typically don't buy things from H&M because the one in my closest mall is kind of messy and difficult to shop in, so when I walked into H&M today (not the one in my typical mall), I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was super excited. H&M currently has so many beautiful pieces with gorgeous prints--and for a decent price. Now if you're like me, then you'll be thinking that $35 isn't a decent price. I'm the kind of person who doesn't buy clothes for more than $20. However, this isn't just any dress! This is the dress I'm planning to wear to my graduation (tears). The dress is more fitted and structured on top and is loose and flowing on the bottom--which suits my body shape really well. It's got pastels and flowers, so it seemed very appropriate for a graduation. What I love most about this dress, though, is that it kind of matches the color of my cap and gown, so the pictures will look extra cute.

Also from H&M, this top was only $10. Sleeveless collared shirts are really convenient for me because I can easily integrate them into any outfit. Specifically, they're perfect for layering under dresses and t-shirts. I'm also excited about this top because it's going to add some new colors to my wardrobe. Whereas most of my clothes are white, bright, or pastel, this top has a warmer, cozier color palette that gives an old-timey feel.

These trousers are also from H&M and cost $15. My decision to buy these trousers was influenced by Zoella (a YouTuber) and my dad (weird, I know). In one of Zoella's recent hauls, she talked about some floral trousers she got from Topshop, and I loved how they looked on her and the idea of them, which is weird because I don't generally wear pants. This brings me to my dad's influence. Since I'm going to university next year and won't have my parents' immediate protection, my dad asked me to wear more pants (as opposed to shorts and skirts) to protect me from strangers and sexual predators and all that. Personally, I think his concern is kind of far-fetched, but if it comforts him to know that I own a few pairs of pants, then I'll own a few pairs of pants. I actually wore these to senior awards, so there's probably an OOTD post coming up soon!

Finally at the end! This skirt is also from H&M and only cost $7. Deal of the day! Not to mention, I needed something to wear with all of my louder pieces. The fabric is quasi-thick and doesn't promote panty lines. It's not particularly spring or summer-esque, but it's still fun and colorful. And if I didn't already mention this, it was only $7!!

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