Friday, May 1, 2015

Birthday Gifts

First of all, to my loving friends, THANK YOU!

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I won't see most of them tomorrow so they lovingly showered me with gifts today at school. I wasn't planning on doing a post showing my gifts, but they're all so pretty! And I didn't have any ideas or outfits to share... Seriously, it's been so hot here that all of my outfits have been pretty uninspired. Sorry 'bout it.

I digress.

I was going to make this sad by saying that this is the last birthday that I'll be able to celebrate like this with all of them, but I won't because I don't think I can handle that right now. Let's stay positive. Thank you guys for making me feel special and loved.


Also, kind of wishing I took all the photos where I shot the flowers because the lighting is better, but it's too late. I'm fighting perfectionism. It's not laziness.

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