Monday, April 13, 2015

University Quirk

hair clips: H&M; top (under): Love Tree; t-shirt: original by me; 
skirt: Forever 21; bag: Coach; shoes: Call It Spring

This past weekend I visited the university I will be attending next year! It was kind of weird going there as a tourist knowing that I'm going to live there next year, but the trip was still cool. I was kind of concerned, however, that I wasn't too excited. I mean, it's a gorgeous campus, and I'm glad that I'll be calling it home for the next four years, but some of the people there were crazy excited. Like, there's no way I could have matched that. They were bell-ringing excited. By which I mean the school set up a booth where students could officially commit to the school and then ring a bell, which sounds great-- especially after 8 hours. I committed at home with my mom and celebrated with a gentle woo. I also feel like I couldn't get super excited because most of the seminars discussed all the "next steps" I had to take (essentially a long to do list), and I just got so exhausted thinking about all of it. Still excited (and terrified) for university though! *sighs remembering long to do list*

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