Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Unwanted Truth

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Not too long ago, a friend of mine interviewed me for our school's newspaper. One of the questions that she asked me really got me thinking. Not the question itself, but the way we both reacted to my answer.

She asked me how I cope with stress.

What I thought was how I burst into an angry fit of tears and curl into a tight ball of fury.

What I said was that I occasionally scream to release tension.

What she wrote down for the newspaper was that I squeeze a little stress-ball-type-thing that I keep on my desk.

I completely understand why she chose not to announce that I spontaneously screech in some sort of desperate attempt to calm myself, but this whole situation had me thinking. When I answered her saying that I yell to release stress, we both knew that she couldn't put that in the paper. People-- the student body, the general public-- don't want to hear the truth if it's not pleasant. Obviously no one likes bad news, but it seems weird that it's so natural for us to masquerade authenticity. Society trains people to recognize and conceal traits that are undesirable. This concept is not one dimensional, though.

As of recent, society has been encouraging young people to embrace their individuality and tolerate that of others. In this sense, people are becoming more comfortable with themselves and hiding less.

On the other hand, there are traits (such as short tempers) that I imagine will always be unwelcome in society. I suppose this should encourage me to work on my flaws instead of concealing them, but I'm just so tired. Even hiding my weaknesses is becoming tiresome.

Sometimes I wish I could just be completely real, but let's be honest. Not even I would want to witness that. What does that say about my character?

Just some thoughts of mine-- no conclusions. Sorry, I'm not that wise yet.


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