Monday, April 27, 2015

Relatable Characters: Alex Dunphy

I've said before that I love Modern Family. Of course Modern Family is hilarious, but what pulls it over the top is how much I can relate to Alex Dunphy because, like me, Alex is an AP kid, so all of her problems are extremely relevant.

To make things simple, I'm just gonna say THREE TIMES ALEX DUNPHY WAS #RELATABLE.

  1. Last year, when I was going through my extreme junior year stress, Alex was too. Watching her experience the same things as me really helped me put things in perspective. You know, that same old "it feels good to know that other people are going through the same thing." I specifically remember an episode ("Under Pressure" Season 5, Episode 12) where Alex sees a shrink after having a breakdown. While talking to the shrink, she mentions "the feeling of being overwhelmed, but also like you're not doing enough at the same time." When I heard this, I was like YES. That was literally exactly how I felt almost every single day leading up to the moment I got into  college. Granted, this didn't really help me in any productive way, but it felt so good to hear my confusing feelings being put into such clear words.
  2. Modern Family is now on Season 6, so Alex went through the whole college application/admission/rejection process. In "Spring Break" (Season 6, Episode 18), Alex gets rejected from Harvard. After she freaks out and has a "what's the point" moment, her older sister, Haley, tells her that this rejection is good for her because it's impossible to always get what you want, to always come in first. Not coming in first doesn't diminish your value. Maybe second place isn't what you wanted, but second place isn't first place loser. Second place is still pretty impressive. You have no idea how difficult that was for me to write. I'm the kind of person who only allows the best from herself, and if I don't end up being the best, I kind of lose my shit. Lately, my mother has really been trying to get it through my head that second--or even third or fourth--place isn't a bad thing. For some reason, hearing this on the TV really helps emphasize the point. My accomplishments can't be measured by any numbers or rankings.
  3. After Alex is accepted to Cal Tech ("Grill, Interrupted" Season 6, Episode 19), she starts feeling anxious because she fears that she will be considered inferior in a school full of geniuses. Unlike Alex, I didn't have these fears right after I was accepted into my university, but when I went to an engineering forum at the school and saw a lot of my future classmates, I got scared. Whereas I chose my major loosely on the fact that I like calculus, the people there seemed really interested in science. They intimidated me. From the conversation between Alex and her grandfather, Jay, I kind of came to the conclusion that I'm just as smart as these guys. Sure, they're computer nerds who have subscriptions to Science Weekly, but I got accepted to the same school as them, so I can't be too far behind. As long as I have confidence in myself and am ready to work hard, I'll do swimmingly. (Yes, I'm going with swimmingly.)

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