Friday, April 17, 2015

Potential Productivity

 top: Kohl's; cardigan: Cotton On; leggings: Cotton On; 
bag: Michael Kors; shoes: LoveD

I am ridiculously exhausted. It's really sad that I'm so tired after a week of spring break-- I'm kind of pathetic. Actually, I blame senioritis. Lucky for me, I haven't become lazy with my school work, but senioritis has made me extremely lethargic. Whereas in prior years I would spend my free time in a quasi productive way, now all I can do is sit around and watch YouTube. BUT! I have plans to become productive again! After the AP test weeks (which, for anyone who doesn't know, are the first two weeks of May when high school kids take tests that they've been preparing all year for), I'm going to read for fun. I'm going to go to yoga classes. I'm going to walk my dog all the time. I'm going to play piano more. I'm going to eat some freaking salads. I have aspirations! All I have to do is get through April (which is a month of intense studying for AP kids). Time to power through!

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