Monday, April 6, 2015


Gorgeous trail by my house. Not related to this post.
I recently noticed a strange phenomenon among teenage girls. I'll refer to it as "the sweatpants cake-face paradigm." Basically, this refers to girls wearing pajamas or sweatsuits or slippers to school with a full face of makeup. This led me to ask a question: Why do some aspects of a look matter more than others?

Upon considering this, between passing periods, I came to the (rather vague) conclusion that this phenomenon is based on being effortless. When girls wear sweats, they seem like they don't care. They're super cool and give zero... ducks. Yet, as much as they want to seem effortless, they don't want to seem sloppy. So what do they do? They do up their faces as if they're meeting the first lady or something. Essentially, teenage girls want to be beautiful while also seeming like they don't care.

What's with that? Why is it cool to not care? Why is it lame to try?

In a society where putting in an effort is discouraged by social norms, what can we expect for the future? When people stop caring, passion dies, and society ceases to flourish. SOCIETY NEEDS TO FLOURISH.

I probably took this way too far, and I'm sure I haven't considered every aspect of "the sweatpants cake-face paradigm" because I don't wear makeup every day, so I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this!


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