Friday, February 13, 2015

Recent Obsessions

Happy Friday! Well, I'm just kind of in the mood to enthuse about my obsessions, so let's get into this!

CROSSY ROAD. For anyone who does't know, Crossy Road is a phone game (app? I'm not with the times. I don't know what to call it.) where you hop across a street and try to avoid cars, trains, etc. If anyone played "Frogger" on the Game Boy as a kid, then you can think of Crossy Road like that. Obsessed am I with this game. My high score is 225 (which I'm pretty proud of, by the way), and I have 44 of the 70 characters. What I don't have, however, is THE HIPSTER WHALE. Whereas most of the characters can be obtained from free gifts, the hipster whale has to be "earned" during the game. I've missed my opportunity 7 times! It simultaneously makes me hate myself and want to keep playing. And you know what? My friend downloaded the game after I told him about my struggle and got the hipster whale on his first try.

MUSE-THE RESISTANCE. Side note, don't judge the way I talk about this because I know nothing about music. I recently became a Muse fan and have really been feeling this album. This isn't a new album or anything (for anyone who is unfamiliar with Muse), but it's something I recently stumbled upon and have really been enjoying-- especially the song "United States of Eurasia." (If you don't have time to listen through the whole album, just listen to that song because it's fantastic.) My favorite aspect of this album is that the first few songs are pretty intense and rock-ish, but it concludes with heavily instrumental-- with the piano and the strings-- songs. Moreover, the lyrics of each song have a lot of depth and are all  somewhat thematically related to each other. Overall, this album is deep and intense and makes me feel like a cool kid.

CHUBBY STICK- PUDGY PEONY. Since spring has essentially shoved winter aside (in Southern California, anyway), I've taken the initiative to start dressing in bright colors and girly prints. What I love doing is pairing all of these spring elements with this vibrant, light pink lip color. I couldn't get a photo of the color on me, but I wore it in this outfit post if you want to see it. Pudgy Peony is just a really spring-y color that brightens up my face, so I wear it constantly!

TWIGGY. (Specifically, her eye makeup.) I'm not really into makeup, and I don't know where my obsession originated, but I absolutely adore this eye situation. Not much to say here, I just really like it. Perhaps I'll try it sometime? If I do, it'll definitely end in failure, but maybe I'll feel adventurous one day!


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