Friday, February 6, 2015

Modern Wonderland

bow: made by a friend; shirt: American Apparel; 
dress: Aqua; shoes: Nine West

This particular outfit elicited a lot of mixed attention. One of my friends spent a good few minutes questioning my decision to wear a t-shirt under this dress-- which made me feel, you know, uncertain. However, I received a lot of compliments from an atypical crowd. Many of my teachers told my that my dress was pretty. One girl (who is pretty introverted as far as I can tell) said she really liked my outfit as we passed each other. That's the summary; now for the analysis!

What really struck me about the events described above was that this outfit appealed to a different audience. Generally, my outfit compliments come from my friends passively throwing in a nice comment during conversations, but when I wore this, I didn't get passive comments from my friends-- I got out of the blue praise from teachers and a stranger. Before this experience, I didn't consider that different styles or types of outfits appeal to different people. Sure, I understand that everyone has her own personal style and that she tends to like outfits that are similar to her own, but I didn't really realize that different aspects of my style could intrigue a diverse crowd.

I hope that made sense! This probably isn't that interesting to other people, but when I started thinking about this, I just got so blown away! Maybe this isn't interesting, but it's a little peek into my brain. Hope you enjoyed!


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