Friday, February 27, 2015

Are humans living wrong?

Is our society's structure setting us as humans up for failure? Are we not meant to live this way?

The other day I watched a BuzzFeed video that mentioned something about how people are only supposed to sit for about 3 hours every day. I saw that, felt guilty about sitting for about 90% of my day, and almost moved on. I realized something, though: I go to school for 6 hours and spend at least 5 of those hours sitting. Most adults work 8 hour days and (often) allocate a majority of those hours to sitting at a desk. The numbers don't match up! There are probably only a handful of people in America who only sit for an average 3 hours every day. Everyone else is kind of screwed, huh?

Not to mention, plenty of people are constantly stressed due to work or just the general pressures of life. Unhealthy is excessive stress. So why do we live in a society that continually forces stress upon us?

What if humans are just doing the whole living thing wrong? What if we went horribly off path somewhere along the way and are now tumbling down a slippery slope to some inevitable societal dystopia? I guess we'll never know. Even if we did know, it's probably too late to go back anyway. Oh well.


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