Monday, January 26, 2015

Myself, especially


Sometimes I feel as if I waste
Every moment that I am given
Is spent indulging in reckless pleasure
Rather than pursuing some noble cause
Rather than fulfilling some “potential”
I sit and whine
About my supposed struggle
And then I always seem to blame
Some undeserving victim
Which makes me feel
Because I am annoying people
Because I am disappointing
Myself, especially
The one person I can never please
Because she’s
Never happy
With second place
With “A” minus
With “good job”
With anything
That is in my reach
Is not good enough for her
Standards are high
Impossibly so that one
Myself, especially
Can never achieve
The goals that she sets
Are meant to ensure that
I reach my “potential”
Meet and exceed my “potential”
But I can’t
And it frustrates me
That I can’t
And it angers me
That I can’t
Stick to the plan and
Do what I’m told
And be that perfect girl
Who pleases her parents
Who impresses her friends
Who satisfies the girl
Myself, especially
Who cannot be satisfied
With anything
She tries will fail
And leave her in tears
Apart her whole life
As she attempts to pursue some impossible
To live this way
With no sign of happiness
To lighten her day
After day she cries for help
Me please because I want to be free
Me from
Myself, especially.

P.S. Yes, I included another irrelevant picture, but rose and poetry seemed like an appropriate mix. This is going to be a thing now, so let's all just get used to it.

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