Saturday, January 24, 2015

Left Out

Back in elementary school, I was the kid who was always left out. My friends were great most of the time, but there was many a Monday where they would be laughing at inside jokes from the movies on Saturday or their latest sleepover. All I could do was sit there and smile like everything was okay. What I never understood was why. Back then I would constantly torture myself trying to comprehend why they didn't invite me to hang out on the weekends. Am I annoying? Do they think I'm lame? Actually, I think this is the root of the insecurities I have today. But you're not here to observe me while I work out my psychological issues. Let's get profound!

Even though experiencing this as a kid absolutely sucked, I like to believe it made me a stronger person. Over the years (because you know... MATURE), I've learned to not let the little things bother me. Now, when I'm not invited to get food or go shopping, I don't take it so personally. Sometimes my friends want to spend time with a specific group of people. Maybe it's to talk about a something I'm not interested in. Maybe it's because they want to talk about how much they despise me. Does it really matter? If it happens every once in a while, I don't let it bother me. However, if it happened frequently, I would reconsider a few things-- aspects of the friendship, if you will. 

Those friends that I mentioned at the beginning of this post are people I no longer speak to. Not because we had some dramatic falling out and declared eternal hatred, but because we ended up going in different directions with our lives (which, I know, sounds ridiculous coming from a teenager). The thing is, that those people weren't friends that I was meant to keep. Ergo, if you have friends that repeatedly exclude you, maybe you should reconsider your relationship with them. Your friends aren't necessarily bad people, they just might not be your perfect match. If you're feeling left out of the group of friends you're in, I suggest trying to meet new people who make you feel included, happy, good about yourself. Friends are supposed to be the people you discuss problems with, not have problems with.

<3Kuo (pronounced "quo" to anyone who was curious)

P.S. Is the picture relevant? Because I don't know. I just felt weird posting without any sort of picture.

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  1. I had a similar experience, although it was more severe and led to bullying and a falling out from which we never recovered. Looking back, it was a good learning experience, similar to your---maybe the people that do this shouldn't be in your life at all.

    Another Beautiful Thing