Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumn Brights

sweater: Lucky; overalls: thrifted; tights: Kohl's; shoes: Call it Spring

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while-- sorry about that! It's just that for a while now I've kind of struggled with outfit inspiration. I think it's because I was all ready for fall outfits, but then every time I checked the weather and it was 80 degrees outside. Like there was this conflict between what I wanted to wear and what I could wear. MOTHER NATURE WAS GIVING ME A DRESS CODE. I don't know. I've also been struggling with individual style, because I was looking through some of my outfit posts and feeling like they weren't very unique or interesting. Overall, I just felt frustrated with my wardrobe and this blog. HOWEVER, I feel like things are getting somewhat better. This past Sunday, I did a complete cleaning of my room which included throwing away a lot of old crap (such as flavored lip glosses from five years ago) and organizing my closet. Sorting through my clothes reminded me of the variety of pieces that are in my wardrobe. I even got excited and planned a few outfits, so hopefully things will make a turn for the better. We'll see!

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