Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Apple Pie

sweater: Free People; skirt: eBay; tights: Kohl's; shoes: Unisa

It's almost Thanksgiving! I don't think anyone is capable of comprehending how excited I am for tremendous amounts of food (and giving thanks-- for all my food). Tomorrow I'm going Thanksgiving shopping with my mother and my plan is to RAID the grocery store. However, in my family, we don't eat a traditional meal for Thanksgiving. We eat what we call "hot pot" (that's a direct translation from the Chinese name, but I think it's known more commonly as shabu shabu). It's honestly one of my favorite things-- imagine a little buffet in your dining room. I'M EXCITED. I just love food so much. Just as my family has our own take on Thanksgiving, (smooth transition) this is my take on a festive outfit. While the sweater and the boots are very traditional for any autumn outfit, this denim skirt-all adds a very unique and girly dynamic. I also feel very seasonal wearing this soft cream color, even though cream isn't a well-known holiday color. It's just a nice little touch though, like whipped cream on a pie. Because it all comes full circle. Pi. Pie. Circle. Yeah? Okay, bye.

please excuse my dog