Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Usual

bow: made by a friend; shirt: original by me; 
skirt: Target; bag: Nine West; shoes: Converse

Last week I was in NorCal on a sorta-kinda vacation. My family and I were all over the place; we went to Peir 39, Stanford (which is where I took this picture), and Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Packing clothes for traveling is always a struggle for me-- especially because my mother tells me that the maximum number of shoes I can bring is three. Having the limitation of matching all my outfits to three pairs of shoes really vexes me (even though it really shouldn't... I mean, I basically wear the same shoes everyday, but hey, it's the idea that's intimidating). Anyway, to make things easier, I just turned to my usual crop top and skirt outfit. Cute, easy, and matches my high-tops-- perfect.

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