Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fashion Magazine WTF's: Vogue June 2014

A couple days ago, I posted the thoughts I had while reading the most recent Teen Vogue. This is going to be the same thing (maybe it'll be a series, who knows?), but all of these are from this year's June Vogue. I know it's an old issue, but I only recently got the chance to read it. I actually have a stack of Vogues (March through June) on my book shelf that I haven't read because they're so thick and intimidating. I digress. Anyway, scroll on!

I bet they told her to act natural. Let me just say that she totally nailed it. That's what I look like when I jog. Just kidding, I don't sports.

Spent life savings on the purse. Has to live in a trunk. But hey, it's a designer trunk.

So calm in the face of danger. Was Cara a girl scout? I guess that's why they pay her the big bucks. Side note, is that an actual bear? They edited that in, right? They had to have. Otherwise, that's very dangerous.

I was very confused with the man who has woman hands at first, but eventually, I understood. Then I turned the page, and the woman completely threw me off.

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