Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fashion Magazine WTF's: Teen Vogue September 2014

A few nights ago I was flipping through Teen Vogue and started thinking about some of the weird things that are in fashion magazines. I love seeing really cool, out there looks, but sometimes you have to step down from that snobby "I understand fashion" attitude and realize how ridiculous some things are. After all, it is fashion. It's supposed to fun, not taken too seriously. So here's what goes through my mind when I read magazines. Enjoy!

What is this skirt? It look normal at first, but if you look closely, the skirt splits open over the top of her leg. That means that there's a giant slit going all the way up the front of the skirt. What even is that?

Beanie, thick turtle-neck sweaters, scarf, and heavy boots. So what I'm to understand, is that it's cold outside. Ok, ok. WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?

That can't be comfortable. Maybe that's why she look so upset. Poor Cara.

She's wearing high heels and walking on sand. How is that even possible? Emporio Armani, defying the laws of nature since... you know. I don't know the year, and I'm not going to pretend to.

She's wearing a motorcycle helmet, but there's no motorcycle in the shot. On the chance that that little shadow next to her is the motorcycle, you'd think that Aeropostale would want it in the shot after they paid to rent it. Just saying.

Where did she get that giant piece of kale?

I feel like I no longer know the meaning of subtle. Neither the fur nor the skirt pattern are subtle.

All of these young people hanging out and looking attractive, like "We climbed a rock together, we're so cool and sexy." Then in the crack, this one old guy who's like "I feel good."

That's all for this post! BUT, you can expect a second one because I did the same thing for Vogue June 2014. Let me know if you like this because I'd love to do more!

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