Saturday, July 26, 2014

When in Denim

shirt: TJ Maxx; shorts: original by me; purse: Michael Kors; shoes: LoveD

I wanted something a little more simple and classic, so I went for a denim-based look. All I did was tuck my button-down, chambray-style shirt into some shorts that I DIY'd. These shorts are from Kohl's, and they used to be plain Bermudas (because I wasn't allowed to wear any other type of shorts in middle school). All I did was cut them, pull at the edges to fray them, and use a bleach pen to draw designs for a unique touch. Along with the pink from my purse and the messy curls in my ponytail, the shorts keep this look more youthful-- which is important because this look can be easily adapted into a mom look (no offense to moms, moms are great).