Thursday, July 31, 2014

The New Classic

shirt: Love Tree; skirt: ASOS; bag: Coach; shoes: Converse

A while ago, Teen Vogue did a little feature on midi skirts, and I fell in love. Midi skirts have the same elegance as maxi skirts, but they work better for short people like me because I don't get totally engulfed in fabric. After some mall searching, however, I realized that I couldn't find them in stores (at a reasonable price) anywhere. In fact, I even started learning how to sew with the intention of eventually making my own skirts-- that's how desperate I was. I'm still learning how to sew (I'm working on mastering straight lines), but I was ecstatic when I saw this skirt on sale at ASOS. It wasn't exactly cheap (it was $30), but after experiencing the struggle that is sewing straight lines, I realized that it would be a long while before I could make an entire skirt. Basically, this is the story of how I gave in.

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