Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Favorites (Fashion)

I thought it'd be fun to do a summer favorites post and talk about some of the things I've been enjoying this summer. While I was gathering my favorites, I came across a few things that didn't fall into fashion, so I'll be doing a life and beauty post within the next few days! Anyway, without further ado, I present to you my favorites!

left: Cotton On; right: Forever 21

SUNDRESSES. Over the past few months, I have gathered a good amount of sundresses. They're just so effortless and versatile which is perfect because I tend to be a little lazy in the summer. Sundresses are especially great because they are so breezy-- a necessity for hot California summers.

(from left to right) Jo-Ann's; Jo-Ann's; Michael's; Michael's

HEADBANDS/BANDANNAS. If you've been reading my blog (or even if you just scroll down a little), you'll know that I adore headbands and bandannas. They just add a nice bit of color to whatever I'm wearing, and when I think summertime, I think bright colors (and long days and laughter and relaxing and swimming, but all of those things happen with bright colors). Headbands also add a very relaxed vibe to outfits, especially when worn over loose curls.

shoes: Aldo

SANDALS. I've had these sandals for about three years now (which probably isn't surprising if you noticed how worn out they are). These also happen to be my only pair because, in the past, I didn't really like the look of sandals. Not sure what changed, but this summer I've been wearing these sandals almost every other day. Their simplicity makes them easy to just throw on with any outfit (no thinking necessary), and they're so easy to put on for those days when I'm running in and out of the house.

backpack: Coach

BACKPACK. Backpacks are actually very convenient because they can hold a lot of stuff, even a tiny one like mine. Aside from convenience, I've been loving this backpack because it just makes everything I wear look so casual. It sits rather low on my back, so it has a very loose and relaxed look.

sunglasses: Lauren Conrad

SUNGLASSES. In the past I had a policy where I only bought sunglasses for two dollars (Really random, I know. I can't explain it.), but that all changed when I set out on a mission to find a pair of sunglasses with this print (Is it a cheetah print? I don't know.) on the rims. I know it's nothing extraordinary, but I saw someone wearing them and became obsessed-- and budget was not going to be an obstacle. Luckily, I didn't go too crazy. I found these at Kohl's for about $12, which is cheap if you haven't spent the last year buying only two dollar shades. Between the printed rims and the round (but not too round) shape, these sunglasses just add a bit of glamour to my outfits and my mood.

shorts: Cotton On (both)

LOOSE SHORTS. I've talked about them before, so I'll try to keep things brief (ayy). These shorts are very comfortable and breezy, so not only do they look good, they feel good. I especially like wearing them as cover-ups at the pool or beach. You know how some bikinis have little ties on the hips? Well almost all of mine have that, and regular shorts jam those into my hips, so I prefer to wear these loose shorts to prevent leaving oddly shaped indentations on my hips. Look at that! A favorite and a tip!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites that you'd like to share!

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