Friday, July 4, 2014

Red, White, and... Well the Rest is Self-Evident

Happy Fourth of July! I know I don't look very happy, but I am. I promise. Usually I suck at putting together outfits with some sort of requirement, but this time I thought of two! One is more classic, and one is more festive. 

bandanna: Michael's; t-shirt: American Eagle Outfitters; skirt: Topshop; bag: Coach; shoes: Aldo

Between the denim skirt and the red t-shirt, this outfit is, to me, simply American. Obviously, I've got the colors of capitalism, freedom, and endless French fries, but I think the simplicity and relaxed vibe are what makes this outfit truly American. (P.S. If you're wondering how I am wearing this skirt because you've read one of my previous posts, a long t-shirt is a sufficient cover up!)

t-shirt: Tommy Girl; skirt: Target; shoes: LoveD

Especially from the back, this outfit is so festive, and I was so excited that I managed to make myself look like a flag. These are just the kinds of things that please me, I can't say why. I made it a little fancier by wearing wedges, but if I had red, white, or blue sneakers, those would've been great too!


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