Monday, July 14, 2014


headband: Jo-Ann's; shirt/vest: TJ Maxx; shirt: Aeropostale; 
shorts: American Rag; bag: Kate Spade; shoes: Coach

Today I woke up kind of physically and mentally drained. I have these days every so often, and I find that it helps to have some sort of distraction. Usually people listen to music to distract themselves, but my release is fashion. Focusing on simpler things like what I'm wearing and, now that I have this blog, what I have to say about it allows me to forget about my problems for a little bit while giving me something to look forward to. I'm really lucky that I have a type of passion that I can focus my energy on-- regardless of how I feel. For the time being though, I'll just be waiting for the clouds to pass so the rainbows can set it.

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