Thursday, June 19, 2014


sunglasses: Lauren Conrad; shirt: an original by me; skirt: Forever 21; purse: Nine West; shoes: LoveD

It's a trite way to describe it, but this is one of my go-to outfits. If I'm, for some reason, incapable of putting together a decent outfit in the morning, I'll grab a cropped t-shirt and wear it over a skirt or a dress. Sometimes it's a simple as that, so  I think it's always good to own a crop top or two. I personally own many, but most of the cropped t-shirts I own are made by me. I buy plain white t-shirts from Michael's or Joann's, cut them, and iron-on my own designs. Making my own shirts is great because I love having t-shirts that say funny things or have cool pictures, but the ones you find in stores are all the same (e.g. "stay weird", bands that I don't listen to, "selfie", and it's evil twin "celfie"). In case you were wondering, mine says "above average". Well, kind of. This was the first one I made and the ink was a little too dark, so it really says "abo average". Heh, yeah. At least it's unique.


  1. You have made a really nice top! Love it! Also, love that everyones go-to outfit is something different, not the usual tshirt plus jeans combo!


  2. I love that you make your own crops! :) this is a gorgeous outfit. :) x

  3. I love this outfit!