Wednesday, June 18, 2014


bandanna: Michael's; shirt: Love Tree; shorts: Cotton On; purse: Coach; shoes: Guess

First things first, I love these shorts. This is my second pair in this kind of pajama-y style and they are the most comfortable thing in the entire freaking world. Even better, they're super versatile. This is only the first time I've worn them, but I already have tons of plans for these shorts. Moving on, I really love wearing bandannas in my hair recently. Even as a kid I wore them frequently, but back then I'd wear them so that the top of my head was completely covered (kind of like a pirate heh heh). It's interesting to me how my style can evolve so much while still including the same pieces. I hope that happens with these shorts so I can be comfy forever. Yeah, that sounds nice.

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